Virtual Reality (VR) Explained


Virtual Reality (VR) , though invented years ago, is something that has taken a long time to go ‘mainstream’.  Even now most people have very little knowledge about what it actually is, and what it is used for. Most technologies take a long time to develop, and this is especially true of VR. VR systems … [Read more…]

Minecraft Adventures – Introduction


So you want to play Minecraft… Maybe you’ve read our review of Minecraft Admittedly, getting started in Minecraft can be an intimidating venture, especially for those who don’t normally engage in video games.  You find yourself staring into a virtual world, no supplies and no idea of how to get around or what you are … [Read more…]

Minecraft Adventure #1 – Moving Around

Moving Around

If you can’t move, you can’t play.  Log in and create a new world using creative mode.  Practice walking around using the W,A,S and D keys.  Jump using the SPACE bar, and crouch down or sneak using the LEFT SHIFT key.  Moving your mouse will change the direction you are facing.  Try walking forward (holding … [Read more…]