About Us

Hi everyone, and welcome to High Tech Parenting – A blog written to help parents make sense of the complicated, fast moving, always changing world of technology.

We are a father and son team, and are members of a large family (7 kids, total) who are all technology users.  The oldest child in the family is 18, and the youngest is 5.  All of us use technology, and all kinds of technology toys and tools are woven throughout our busy, crazy life.

Bill Moseley Bill Moseley has a Ph.D. in Education, and teaches both Computer Science (Bakersfield College) and Learning Technologies (Pepperdine University).  He has been interested in computers and technology since early childhood, and spent a lot of time growing up learning to program, playing video games, and taking apart any electronic devices he could get his hands on (to the frustration of the adults in his life).


Robby Moseley

Robby Moseley is a 16 year old high school junior who has grown up in a technology-rich environment.  For fun, he likes to read books on artificial intelligence, computer programming, and physics.  When he’s not working on a programming or other project,  he can usually be found pursuing his other passion: competitive swimming.