Minecraft Adventure #3 – Basic Crafting


This is the second adventure in our Minecraft Adventures series.  To start back at the beginning, check out our Introduction to Minecraft Adventures post.

For more information about Minecraft, check out Minecraft: What’s the Deal?

Now that you have mastered the nerd pole, and the basic ideas of gathering resources and building basic structures, let’s try some real crafting. The first things that you will want to craft in Minecraft are some tools. The first thing you need for the tools are the raw materials. Go ahead and chop yourself 5 block of wood from the nearest tree. (Yes, with your bare hands).

Any type of tree will be fine for this. Just walk up to it, put the crosshairs on the trunk, and hold down the left mouse button.


Notice that it takes a little longer than breaking up dirt by hand. Like with the dirt, you will see little floating blocks of wood that you can pick up.


Continue breaking up the wood until you have 5 blocks in your inventory. You can break up the whole trunk of the tree, and the leaves will remain there for a while – they go away over time , sometimes dropping saplings or fruit as they go.


Once you have the 5 blocks of wood, press the E key to open the crafting and inventory interface.


On the top, you will see a model of your character, with slots for various pieces of armor and a shield or offhand weapon/item. Right now, they are all empty. On the right, under the word “Crafting”, there are four blocks grouped together and and arrow pointing to a 5th block. This is the crafting interface. Below that, you will see 3 rows of 9 inventory slots, and then at the very bottom the 9 slots of “active” inventory. Items in the active inventory can be quickly accessed and switched by pressing the numbers 1-9 on your keyboard. You can click to transfer items from active to the other 27 slots in the inventory, and vice-versa.
To use the crafting interface, you drag items into each of the four squares in certain patterns and combinations to create different things. This 2×2 interface is very basic, allowing you to make some of the simpler items in the game. We will use it to get started.  First, pick up the stack of 5 wood blocks by clicking it. Clicking a stack of items in your inventory picks up the whole thing. Holding SHIFT and clicking a stack of items moves the whole stack into or out of an empty slot in your inventory. If you right-click a stack, you will pick up half. If you are holding multiple items, right clicking an empty slot in the inventory or the crafting interface will place one of them into that slot.


Let’s craft our first thing: Wood Planks. Try following the recipe below. You will see that for each block of wood, you will get 4 planks. Take the planks out of the slot where they appear and put them in your inventory. Most items can stack up to 64 pieces in each slot. Turn all of your wood into planks. You should now have 20 planks.

Now make some sticks using this pattern: Make a total of 8 sticks.


Next up, make one crafting table using four planks like so:

Now, move the crafting table to your active inventory, and set it on the ground by right-clicking.

Right click it again to open up your crafting table interface. It will be very similar to your regular crafting and inventory interface, except you won’t see the slots for armor. Instead, you will now have a more advanced 3×3 crafting interface for making even cooler things.

Now, use the rest of your sticks and planks in this interface to make some tools.

First, a shovel (for digging dirt and sand):

Next, a pickaxe (for gathering rock):

An axe (for chopping wood):


And a sword (for self-defense):


There are other tools, but these are the basics. If you replace the wood planks with stone, iron or other materials, you can create more durable tools that work faster and are capable of breaking harder substances.

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