Minecraft Adventure #2 – Breaking and Building


This is the second adventure in our Minecraft Adventures series.  To start back at the beginning, check out our Introduction to Minecraft Adventures post.

For more information about Minecraft, check out Minecraft: What’s the Deal?

The name Minecraft is a somewhat simple combination of the words “mine” and “craft”. This is probably because the two primary activities in the game are mining, or the gathering of resources, and crafting, or using those resources to create more advanced and complex tools and items that advance your character through the game. At the simplest level, you need to gather resources to help you survive the night, when all sorts of monsters begin to appear.

One of the simplest strategies for surviving the night, or any number of dangerous situations is called a nerd pole. A nerd pole, in Minecraft, is the creation of a tall vertical column of blocks, with the player standing on top. This is achieved by gathering a large number of blocks of an easily available and obtainable substance (usually dirt). Then, the player constructs the pole by jumping, and placing a block under their own feet. This process is repeated over and over until the player is high enough to avoid being harmed by whatever is lurking in the dark. This is also a useful strategy for getting yourself out of holes you might find yourself stuck in.

Make a nerd pole of your very own:


Start a new world in survival mode. Begin by gathering about 30 blocks of dirt. Dirt is a good substance for this, because you can gather it quickly without tools, and because it is usually plentiful in whatever starting area you might find yourself. Just click and hold the left mouse button with the crosshair pointed at dirt to break it up. When you “break” a block of dirt, it will turn into a small floating dirt cube that you can pick up by running it over.

Once you have 30 blocks, find a good place to build.


The basic requirement is that the place you choose should not have anything overhead. Use your mouse to point your camera/crosshairs directly below your own feet. Now for the tricky part. You will need to jump (space bar), and while you are in the air, you will right click to place a block under your feet.

The timing will take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, just keep repeating this until you are high in the air.


BE CAREFUL – If you walk using W, A, S, D, then you would fall to your death. You can safely look around using your mouse. To get back down safely, just point your crosshairs below your feet and use the left mouse button to break the blocks and head back down.

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