Bose Build – Build Your Own Speaker

Bose Build

Bose has released a new science activity / toy for kids, called Bose Build.  The kit comes with all of the components kids will need to build their own Bluetooth speaker, complete with LED lights and customizable side panels.  It looked like a lot of fun, so we ordered one and I gave the box to Samara, who is 9 and has an interest in building and electronics.  I helped her download the app for her iPad, but beyond that, I let her just work through it on her own.



Being made by Bose, it’s no shock that the quality of all of the components is extremely high.  The app walks the builder through several stages of experimental design, electromagnetism and sound waves.  Along the way, the builder gets great instructions, and the app interacts with the components to drive the experience.  There are even a few little “detours” from the main build that allow the builder to tinker and experiment with both the actual components and little “extra” pieces which were included specifically for this purpose.  All in all, for something that had a specific plan and predictable outcome, this was a great learning experience.

All in all, it took Samara about 2 hours to complete the speaker, which is proudly displayed in her room.  There was no part of the project that she couldn’t do on her own – something that left her feeling very proud of herself.  The enjoys decorating it and changing the LED colors.  The sound quality is fantastic.  We’ve had multiple chats about how speakers work since the experience.  I’d count it a very successful, very well-executed kit.


  • High quality end result.
  • Wonderful app.
  • Great learning experience.
  • Very well-executed.


  • The price.  ($149) Don’t buy this if you just want a Bluetooth speaker.  However, if you can make it happen and the learning experience has value, it is really great.


This is a great project, and kids who are 8-9 and up will all have a great time working on it.  To ease the sting of the price, you might let 2-3 kids work on it together, and then put the end product in a common room where it can be enjoyed by all.  It wasn’t easy to keep out of Samara’s way (it just looked so fun), but I’m glad I did.  Maybe I will save up and buy one to build for myself.