Minecraft Adventures – Introduction


So you want to play Minecraft…

Maybe you’ve read our review of Minecraft

Admittedly, getting started in Minecraft can be an intimidating venture, especially for those who don’t normally engage in video games.  You find yourself staring into a virtual world, no supplies and no idea of how to get around or what you are supposed to do.  The nature of Minecraft, being what people often refer to as a sandbox game, is such that you can really do whatever you want.  This isn’t Pacman, where you run around a maze gobbling up dots and avoiding bad guys.  Minecraft allows the player to do whatever they want – that’s the big appeal of the game for players and also educators who want to use it in their teaching.  But this open ended nature is what makes the game so overwhelming to begin with.


Whether you are a parent, kid, or someone in between, the following Minecraft Adventures can help you get started.  The important thing is that you don’t just read them.  You need to get in the driver’s seat and actually try it out.  There is no better way to learn.

The following Minecraft Adventures are designed to be played through in order.  You can, of course skip around.  If you go from start to finish, you can progress from beginner to legitimate Minecraft player.  If you are a parent, these are fun activities to do with help from your kids (who will love explaining their favorite tech to parents who are interested).  They can give you some basic activities to do together.  If your kids are beginners, they can learn right along.

Above all, have fun!

Here is a list of our Minecraft Adventures:

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