Minecraft Adventure #1 – Moving Around


Moving Around

If you can’t move, you can’t play.  Log in and create a new world using creative mode.  Practice walking around using the W,A,S and D keys.  Jump using the SPACE bar, and crouch down or sneak using the LEFT SHIFT key.  Moving your mouse will change the direction you are facing.  Try walking forward (holding W) while “steering” using your mouse.  Now, try jumping to go up blocks using the SPACE bar.  You can jump up things that are one block tall or less.

Tip:  If you feel a little motion sick, then try playing in windowed mode (instead of full screen).  You might also try reducing the field of view (FOV) setting.  You are less likely to feel the effects if you are playing the game than you are watching someone else play.  You might also want to stay away from virtual reality, as much fun as it can be.

Once you feel like you can get around pretty well, it’s time to tackle the next adventure.

Let’s review the most important keys:

W – Move forward
S – Move backward
A – Move left
D – Move right

SPACE – Jump

E – Inventory
Q – Drop item

Mouse Movement – Look around, control direction
Left Mouse Button – Attack, break
Right Mouse button – Use item, place item

There are more, but we will cover those in our next adventure.